​Texas born and raised, Stacy A. Gonzalez has long been dedicated to serving. Among her many commitments, she has always been that person to stand up for not only herself but for other people. She has always been a proactive individual with her ideas and projects. A notable accomplishment would be that she has chartered a Latino oriented non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, she is a business owner, and a State Delegate for SD15 representing Bernie Sanders. Besides leadership, her most dateable Public Service began in 2014, in her hometown, Crosby, TX, where she served on the The Lions Club; being an avid volunteer, she has over 300+ volunteer hours from the healthcare setting, social services, education, poverty alleviation, animal service and political campaigns. To learn more about Stacy A. Gonzalez explore the site, connect with her on social media or contact her at:


P: 281.691.2522


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