Healthcare For All

It has taken this Worldwide Pandemic to begin to open the eyes of the American people to the realities of our healthcare system. A system that no longer works with the ever growing hyper-capitalism that our country has experienced. 

Although Latinos are experiencing lower poverty levels than before, nearly a quarter of Texans are still uninsured. Dallas, Houston and El Paso, were the top three large cities in the county with the highest rate of uninsured people. The US is one of the richest countries, according to the Census Bureau the US is estimated to have "27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, without health insurance in 2018" this is unacceptable. Health care should be a universal right, a human right, our health is essential for a good quality of life. Everyone deserves that, especially the Latino community.

  • Create a healthcare reform advocacy organization in the Houston community

Environmental Action

Having our Latino community more involved in the realities of climate change simply empowers us not only as a group, but as a people. Latino's are one of the largest ethnic groups who advocate for climate change and the environment. To further educate the Hispanic community and take ownership of their surroundings is empowering. I see this not only to help uplift our planet, but also to empower our people. A progressive outline that I would advocate would be the Green New Deal along with these actionable starting points:

  • Start an Environmental Education movement in Houston to create more Latino community leaders

  • Focus on low-income communities to ensure they have access to "green spaces," parks.

  • Advocate for the "Green Economy"

  • Advocate and educate communities on Cannabis legalization

Immigration Reform

Fortunately, being a Texas native I have not experienced such injustices, but that does not mean I do not feel them or see them, especially on the eyes of my friends and on the semblance of strangers. I have friends who have experienced the the many injustices of ICE, and the DACA severance, with that comes without a question that ICE should be abolished. Not only should we abolish ICE, but it is inhumane and eats at our peoples dignity.  


  • There must be a path to citizenship for people who have called the US their home, and are contributing to society despite their status, this should be for all Dreamers and DACA recipients

  • Reduce the 10 year wait for a green card

  • Advocate a bilateral work agreement with Mexico and Canada; this has been regulated and mismanaged for too long.

  • Advocate for Congress to sponsor visas



Education might be the last column, but it's the one I'm the most passionate about. We need "Truth in Eduction" in the state of Texas. Education is where you open the fruits of your mind, where you gain power over your life, it is opportunity, where it opens not only doors, but minds. "Knowledge is Power." Time and again we have seen facts, history and unchanging maladaptive habits in our education system. I want to enforce an education accountability system that focuses on these reforms:

  • Fight the biased and politicized Texas textbook distribution

  • Challenge the State Board of Education on textbook policy and reform

  • Get rid of TEKS/STARR

  • Open enrollment charter schools

  • Advocate for lower tuition

  • ESL & GED facilitation programs

  • Connect Latino's to quality self-improvement workshops and seminars centered around Business and Entrepreneurship.


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